Choose the materials based on what looks and functions best. We think Marble, Quartz, Onyx and Granite offer timeless beauty. We offer the four main stones; they will make any kitchen simply beautiful.

Marble is one of the most popular stones used for homes. Marble can be used for floors, sinks and countertops. Plus, Marble countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Marble is known for its beautiful colors and very polished appearance. Another wonderful thing about Marble it is heat resistance. Whether you want to put a hot pan or skillet on the countertop, marble is very durable for any kitchen.

Onyx stone has become quite popular over the years. It is a very rare and quite unique type of stone. Onyx is great for countertops and is very durable. When purchasing the right type of Onyx countertop for your new lovely kitchen, be sure to pick top grade. Classic Floors offers only the highest grade of Onyx countertops you can find.

In the last couple of years, Quartz has made its way into a lot of homes around America. Quartz is a manmade stone that is created by mix between laminate and stone. Even though Quartz is a manmade stone, it appearance its natural stone looking as well. Quartz has basically no flaws that can be found in the other natural stones. The beautiful stone is quite expensive but can be found in many different colors. At Classis Floors, we have many big name vendors that carry the highest grade of Quartz. Dakota Quartz is one of our biggest vendors we sell here at Classic Floors. Dakota Quartz take prides in their countertops surface being inadmissible for bacteria and microorganism to grow or develop on the countertops.

Granite countertops is the most common stone used for countertops. The Egyptians even used granite for the ancient Egyptians pyramids. A Granite countertop is a beautiful addition to any kitchen for many reasons. Granite stone is an igneous rock with a holocrystalline structure, the crystals don’t full develop in the stone instead they grow together into one another. The crystals growing into each other makes granite very durable and gives granite a very unique appearance. The good thing about granite being so durable you can cut up food on your countertop surface and it will not scratch or show any wear. You can enjoy your new kitchen without worrying about damage to your granite countertops.

When choosing the perfect countertop keep in mind the look you are going for. Making sure your taste and the design you have in mind stays in harmony together can be very tricky. No worries, here at Classic Floors we can help you in that department. Our showroom is full of many options to choose from for the perfect countertops.